The supply chain

Fuels and combustibles for the wholesale and retail markets are transported into Switzerland through diversified supply channels:

  • by river on the Rhine from Rotterdam or from refineries located in Germany via Basel.
  • by rail from various European refineries
  • by pipeline from Marseilles to Geneva via Feyzin (Lyon)
  • by tanker from Italy for the supply of the canton of Ticino

The Cressier refinery (Neuch√Ętel) also makes a significant contribution to the supply of petroleum products for the whole of Switzerland.

To ensure the security of its TAMOIL supply through sources which are highly diversified at all times.

TAMOIL also has the largest fuel storage depot in Switzerland, guaranteeing it a broad autonomy at all times. These fuel depots are either replenished by rail, barge or pipeline. Such means of transport make it possible to minimise road transport and reduce the ecological footprint of our logistics.

All finished products marketed by TAMOIL undergo numerous checks to ensure that they comply with all applicable standards.

Since 2015, Tamoil has also been selling biodiesel available in several of our fuel depots.

On the road !