Sustainable development

We have numerous environmental commitments:

  • Establishment of the latest generation sales outlets and distribution points
  • Installation of “Green Motion” terminals making it possible to recharge new types of hybrid or electric vehicles
  • At this time, our network of latest generation pumps is equipped with a system that controls the capture of petrol vapours more effectively and prevents them from leaking when a driver fills the tank of his vehicle. The vapours are then re-injected into the underground tank of the station via a second network of pipes.
  • Investment in order to permanently maintain our fuel depots in the best state of the art from an environmental and security point of view.
  • Commercialisation of second-generation biodiesel produced from residues

Replenishment of service stations

TAMOIL has the largest fuel storage depot in Switzerland, guaranteeing it a broad autonomy at all times. These fuel depots are either replenished by rail, barge or pipeline. Such means of transport make it possible to minimise road transport and reduce the ecological footprint of our logistics.

On an international level

Environmental considerations are paramount for all the group’s companies, wherever they operate and irrespective of their activities. The group as a whole and the affiliated companies are constantly striving to improve their performance in this area, while bearing in mind the local ecological, social and economic conditions.

Coordinated by the Oilinvest (Netherlands) B. V. group, these efforts form a framework of “sound environmental practices” aimed at encouraging more respect for the environment at all levels.

On the road !