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TAMOIL (Switzerland) SA is a limited company, which forms part of the OILINVEST (NETHERLANDS) B.V. group. Its commercial activities are centred around the sale and distribution of petroleum products in Switzerland.

TAMOIL (Switzerland) SA manages more than 260 service stations throughout the national territory of Switzerland.

The OILINVEST group has distribution networks in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Some of its activities and sales outlets are also located on the African continent


1945 First distribution company: Charles Zobrist SA (GE)
1959 The company was taken over by Compagnie Française des Petroles Total SA, which in 1967 became Total (Suisse) SA
1963 Start-up of the refinery at Collombey (VS)
1981 Total (Suisse) SA is bought out by Gatoil (Suisse) SA
1983 TAMOIL launched on the Italian market
1990 TAMOIL took over GATOIL
1993 to 2008 Steady takeover of 15 active merchants in the distribution of heating oil to consumers
2003 Repurchase of the assets of the Swiss network of service stations of the ELF brand
2006 Restructuring of the regional branches
2010 Giving the network of service stations a new visual identity
2015 Suspension of the activities of the refinery at Collombey (VS)
2016 New business model in Switzerland based on the buying and selling of finished petroleum products.
2017 Pétrole-Carbona SA acquired Piota SA Combustibles and Piota Services SA


Responsibility, efficiency and profitability are the 3 pillars, which form the basis of our commitment and our operations in the petroleum industry.

Our vision: generate a high performance standard and stay on pole position with the other actors of the Swiss market.

Tamoil SA

Throughout the last 15 years, our network of service stations has experienced a strong growth in Switzerland. The sales have regularly increased as well as our market shares. Today, the outcome achieved enables us to be one of the most important petroleum companies nationwide.

In 1990, when TAMOIL took over of the Swiss network of service stations, the “shop concept” was still in its infancy just like in the neighbouring countries. At that time, the majority of the sales outlets were owned by garages and adjoining shops that focussed on the sale of vehicle accessories. Since then, the world of service stations has undergone a dramatic change.

Today, of the 260 TAMOIL service stations in Switzerland, 108 of them have a shop or a grocer’s shop on the motorway network. In doing so, the reception of clients is of utmost importance and we endeavour to develop a warm atmosphere, good quality services as well as innovative commercial promotional campaigns irrespective of where we are located. Furthermore, the management of a service station is now a particularly complex activity, which requires the supervisors to have some experience in the retail trade.

That’s why in Switzerland, most of our sales outlets have a franchise agreement with major retail chains such as Valora, Restoshop and Spar.

Financial structure

Since its entry into the Swiss market in 1990, TAMOIL (SWITZERLAND) SA has never ceased to strengthen its position and improve its competitiveness.

Swiss holding of the Oilinvest group, its share capital amounts to CHF 35.05 million. As for its operating company, TAMOIL SA, it has a share capital of CHF 90 million. The company coordinates all logistics, commercial and financial activities of all finished products.

In 2016, the gross turnover of TAMOIL SA amounted to CHF 1350 million.

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