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For our end clients – individuals, management, farmers, hauliers and industries – we deliver oil and fuel directly into the tank of the client using tankers. Fast, efficient and competitive; fuel delivery passes through one of our five local affiliated companies, owner of a large fleet of tankers.

Celsa-Charmettes SA, Bulle

Formed through the merger of Celsa Produits Pétroliers SA and Charmettes SA at the beginning of 2013. Celsa-Charmettes SA is one of the largest Tamoil intermediaries in Switzerland. Its three branches cover a vast territory:

  • Celsa-Charmettes Romont for the canton of Fribourg and the Broye district
  • Margot Mazout for the canton of Neuchâtel
  • Ruey-Termoplan for the cantons of Vaud and Geneva

With access to the TAMOIL fuel depots in Romont, Renens, Vernier and Aigle, as well as the loading capacity of the Cressier refinery (Neuchâtel), Celsa-Charmettes SA guarantees a local service for its clients by relying on numerous sources of supply.

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Pétrole-Carbona SA, Conthey

An alliance between Pétrole-Distribution SA and Carbona SA, Pétrole-Carbona SA supplies all of its French-speaking clients of canton Valais through the Tamoil fuel depots located in Aigle and Châteauneuf.

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Oberwalliser Kohlen and Transportkontor Leonardo Pacozzi AG, Brig-Glis

The largest merchant of petroleum products in the Upper Valais. The company has its own fuel depot in Brig and also relies on the Tamoil fuel depots of Gampel and Aigle for its supplies.

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In-Albon Brennstoff AG, Visp

The In-Albon AG company operates in the Upper Valais and obtains most of its supply from the Tamoil fuel depot in Gampel.

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Hänggi Brennstoffe AG, Ostermundigen

The clients supplied with petroleum products by Hänggi Brennstoffe AG are predominantly located in the canton of Bern. The company benefits from a major logistic advantage in relation to its competitors since Tamoil is the only company to have storage solutions in the region of Ostermundigen and Zollikofen

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